Are F3 Courses Safe For My Family?

Absolutely. At all of our family events, F3 protects all participants especially the little ones. We adhere to the highest safety standards in every aspect of our event planning, preparation and installation. These rigorous safety standards apply to the design and construction of all of our kid-friendly obstacle course and related activities. Our priority is to get rid of all hazards, ranging from sharp edges to wet surfaces. We aim to prevent burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes and other injuries.

What Happens If The Weather Isn’t Cooperative?

In the event of severe weather, F3 and organizers will gauge conditions. If they’re unfavorable, our organizers may reschedule the event to protect the safety of everyone in attendance.

Can Spectators Come And Watch?

Yes! Spectators are more than welcome to come and watch our family events.

Can My Kids Participate Alone Without Accompanying Adults?

Our fun-filled adventure courses are designed to be completed individually or in pairs. We highly encourage everyone to complete our challenge courses as a family to maximize the fun and create everlasting memories.

What Obstacles Can I Expect To See At an F3 Event?

Our adventure courses are themed. They are based on the Land of Imaginaria. Our signature obstacles will always be available, but some may change. Although we make every effort to include all our challenge courses, some may not be available because of venue restrictions and other limitations. We have plenty of information about our challenge courses at

What Is The Minimum Age For The Adventure Course

Participants of all ages are welcome to take part in our events. Our obstacle courses are designed to be completed individually or in pairs. We highly recommend that family members participate in our fun events.