Are FFF Courses Safe For My Family?

Absolutely. At all our family festivals protecting participants, especially the little ones, and our volunteers and spectators is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to the highest safety standards in every aspect of our even planning, preparation and installation. These rigorous safety standards apply to the design and construction of all of our kid-friendly obstacle course and related activities. Our No. 1 priority is to get rid of all hazards, ranging from sharp edges to wet surfaces. We aim to prevent burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes and other injuries. We also have onsite emergency response teams at all of our events to monitor all festival activities.

When Should We Arrive At The Race Site?

Participants are encouraged to arrive at our family events at least one or two hours before the festivities begin. This will give everyone plenty of time for in-person registration. This will also give participants the chance to explore the fun-filled festival area, which includes a live DJ, food, refreshments, kid-friendly activities and much more.

What Happens If The Weather Isn’t Cooperative?

Rain or shine, our family-centric events are fun, but the safety of everyone involved is our main priority. In the event of severe weather on the day of our festival, organizers will gauge conditions. If they’re unfavorable, our organizers may reschedule the event to protect the safety of everyone in attendance. Family Fun Fitness will contact participants via email, text and through our website about the changes in the event schedule.

Is There Accessible Parking Available?

Yes. In according with state and federal laws, we have parking available for people with disabilities and special needs. Anyone in need of accessible parking should ensure that the appropriate permits are visible.

How Can I Be A Course Volunteer?

To learn more about volunteering for our family festival and related events, please fill out our form at

Can Spectators Come And Watch?

Yes! Spectators are more than welcome to come and watch our family events. Spectators are also encouraged to take part in our festival activities. Entry to the festival area is absolutely free.

How Do Course Times Work?

In order to avoid bottlenecks throughout our adventure courses, we will group our participants into specific teams of heroes who begin their quests every half hour.

Can My Kids Participate Alone Without Accompanying Adults?

Our fun-filled adventure courses are designed to be completed individually or in pairs. We highly encourage everyone to complete our challenge courses as a family to maximize the fun and create everlasting memories.

What Obstacles Can I Expect To See At A FFF Race?

Our adventure courses are themed. They are based on the Land of Imaginaria. Our signature obstacles will always be available, but some may change. Although we make every effort to include all our challenge courses, some may not be available because of venue restrictions and other limitations. We have plenty of information about our challenge courses at

Is There Seating Available In The Festival Area?

Yes! Our family festival area has plenty of seating to accommodate everyone, especially participants with disabilities or special needs. Attendees are encouraged to take part in our fun activities.

What Is The Minimum Age For Each Race?

Participants of all ages are welcome to take part in our events. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Our obstacle courses are designed to be completed individually or in pairs. We highly recommend that family members participate in our fun events.

Is There A Parking Fee?

Parking information is published on our website for each event. Please be advised that some event venues require parking fees.

What Should I Do When I Get There?

Start times for our family festivals vary, depending on the venue. All event details will be published on our website in advance. When you arrive to the festival area on the day of the event, please check in with a valid form of identification to verify your entry. We recommend participants arrive at least one hour before their scheduled event for registration and other course-related preparations.


Can I Register The Day Of An Event?

The online registration for our family festival ends 24 hours before the day of the event. We highly encourage everyone to purchase tickets in advance.

What Does My Entry Fee Include?

Your fee includes an awesome superhero cape or tutu, medal, super bib, family bonding and and everlasting memories. Insurance for participants is also included in the fees paid during the registration process.


What Do I Receive If I Volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will receive a one-of-a-kind t-shirt and free admission to one of our challenge courses.

Can I Volunteer At A Specific Obstacle/Festival Station?

Yes. When you fill out the volunteer sign-up form, be sure to indicate your preference or talk with a zone leader on the day of the festival and we will try our best to accommodate you.

How Do I Sign Up To Be A Volunteer?

To sign up, please visit