Family Fun Is The Fun

Our Family Fun Festival isn’t the usual community event. We don’t have a cavalcade of clowns, Ferris wheel or petting zoo. We prefer to promote something different. We make it our mission to reinvent quality time one family at a time — and we do it all for a good cause.

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An Experience Unlike Any Other

Family Fun Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s safe for the entire family. Unlike other community events, we strive to put kids first.

The festival grounds include an array of family-centric activities that are guaranteed to create everlasting memories. Our festival was specifically designed with children in mind. Whether your kids are playing in our fun zone or participating in our adventure courses, they will be a part of a magical experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.


A Little Something For Everyone

Our family festival has a little something for everyone. For the kids, we have an array of fun-filled activities with plenty of contests, dancing, games and music, in addition to our adventure courses.”

We’ve got a little something for parents, too. Some parents may want to participate in our events; others may want to be spectators. Whatever you decide, you’ll still have fun.
Imagine tapping into your inner child and being silly with your kids. Imagine becoming a real superhero with your kids by your side. Imagine teaming up with your kids to accomplish a major goal.

For parents who prefer to stay out of the spotlight, we have plenty of attractions to keep you entertained. You can be a cheerleader for your spouse and kids. You can relax in our outdoor lounge area. You can even listen to music. Whether you’re looking to indulge in healthy food or simply relax with a cold beverage, we’ve got you covered.


Reinvent Quality Time With Your Family And Friends

Our festival isn’t just about having fun. It’s really about bonding with your loved ones, reconnecting with people you know and making new friends. Including your family and friends in the festivities is what makes our events fun. At Family Fun Fitness, we believe that when there’s more people, there’s more fun. Bring your family and your friends — and make everlasting memories in the process.