A Taste Of Victory

After you and your kids have recovered Sky’s cape from sneaky Animelia, you can celebrate your victory with our Family Fun Feast. This exclusive area is reserved for our superheroes to recharge with a delicious bbq meal.

Take a seat, relax and get your grub on at the best barbecue in Imaginaria. That’s right! You and your kids will be able to satisfy your taste buds at our Family Fun Feast. Your family will indulge in a variety of meats cooked over a red-oak, wood-fire grill. Grownups receive a generous portion of pulled pork and grilled chicken. Kids will enjoy a junior-sized meal. All meals come with sides and your choice of a beverage or mocktail.


Creative Craft Corner

Are you feeling creative? If you and your kids are interested in exploring your artistic side, we have plenty of supplies to help you decorate your cape or tutu at our Creative Craft Corner. A Craft Master will be available to help inspire your kids to use their imagination. Feel free to participate in all the fun, so you and your kids can create a special souvenir and everlasting memories.