The Story Of Sky The Snowkid

One hot summer day, Superhero Sky and his loyal friends were playing along the sandy shores of the beach in the northwest corner of Imaginaria. Sky, a snowkid, was wearing his Magic Cape to shield him from the dangerous rays of the sun. The Magic Cape kept Sky cool so he wouldn’t melt. It also turned ordinary items into tasty treats to keep all the creatures of Imaginaria happy and healthy.

The Appearance Of Animelia

Sneaky Animelia, who ruled the Palace of Pork in a nearby kingdom, wanted to control Imaginaria. Animelia, a half-pig and half-lion hybrid, wanted to grab hold of Sky’s Magic Cape, so she could turn ordinary items into junk food to make all the creatures of Imaginaria sad and weak.

When Sky was caught off guard, sneaky Animelia suddenly appeared and stole the Magic Cape. With no protection from the sun, Sky slowly started to melt. To make matters worse, his friends stopped having fun because they no longer had healthy treats.

If Sky’s Magic Cape isn’t recovered soon, he will melt away and Animelia will put all the creatures of Imaginaria in danger.

A Battle Roar-AL Awaits

Sky urgently needs your help before it’s too late. Your assignment is to pass 14 obstacles and recover Sky’s Magic Cape. The quest begins along The Beach where you must rise above the high tides and reach the shore. Once you’re on dry land, you must run through the Clash of Colors. Then cross The Drawbridge, enter the Palace of Pork and gather all the magic keys to unlock the spell. Finally, the epic Battle Roar-AL awaits you before you can reach Animelia.

Your journey will be filled with many challenges. Are you ready to recover Sky’s Magic Cape and save all the creatures of Imaginaria?