We Offer Kid-Friendly Activities In Orange County

At Family Fun Fitness, we offer Orange County families a unique experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. We offer a one-of-a-kind family festival that’s safe for kids and grownups alike. Our festival zone includes a variety of fun-filled activities. Part of the fun is participating in our themed adventure course or playing team games that will test your agility, resolve and strength. If participating in courses or games isn’t your thing, you can simply relax in our outdoor lounge, sip a cold drink and get to know your neighbors. Whether you’re looking to bond with your kids, a challenge or something fun to do, our festivals have a little something for everybody to help you create everlasting memories.

Upcoming Events

The Chance To Become A Real Superhero

At Family Fun Fitness, we offer families a fun festival that features awesome contests, games, events, obstacles and races. Of course, we offer more than just an awesome festival experience. We host one of the biggest adventure courses in Orange County.

Each of our 14 adventure courses are themed. They’re based on Sky’s magical world in the Land of Imaginaria.

The goal is to recover Sky’s Magic Cape, which contains special powers. Sky’s Magic Cape was stolen by sneaky Animelia. It’s up to all the superheroes participating in the adventure courses to recover the cape to save all the little critters of Imaginaria before it’s too late.

We’re looking for brave Superheroes to participate in our three main events in Imaginaria: Clash of Colors, Palace of Pork and Battle Roar-AL. Superheroes of every age, body type and fitness level are encouraged to take part in our adventure courses.

After the Superheroes complete their mission and find Sky’s Magic Cape, they can gather around for our yummy Family Fun Feast.


Our Mission

Based in Orange County, California, Family Fun Fitness was founded in 2015. Our one- of-a-kind festivals were created for the sole purpose of reinventing quality time with the family while promoting active and healthy lifestyles. The end result isn’t just about being active and silly with the kids. It’s about creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. At Family Fun Fitness, we really don’t care about your age, body type or fitness level. We just want everyone to have fun together.