Monopolize Family Time

Monopolize Family Time

If you’re over the age of the 30, you probably remember what life was like before electronic devices, reality television and social media started to consume our lives. Chances are, you probably have fond memories of playing board games like Monopoly instead of mobile game apps like Candy Crush Saga. For some of you, those Monopoly games must’ve been epic. They probably lasted for days with red resorts, green condo complexes and a huge stack of cash in the center for whoever landed on free parking. 

If you have school-aged children, epic Monopoly games where you made up your own rules aren’t a part of their childhood memories. It’s time to change that. Here are three reasons why Monopoly should be a part of your kids’ childhood experience.

1. Monopoly teaches your children the virtue of patience.

Monopoly games can be very long. In order to win, your kids must learn to be patient. By being patient, your kids will understand why deferred gratification is an essential life lesson. During the course of a typical game, they will inevitably learn that nothing worth having is ever handed down to them. If they want to build something great, they must invest in it.

2. Monopoly teaches your kids how to strategize.

Monopoly is a game of strategy. Victory depends on having a sound game plan. Your kids will quickly learn that purchasing every piece of property they land on will reduce their cash flow and make it nearly impossible for them to win. This is also an important life lesson that should never be ignored.  

3. Monopoly teaches your kids about finance, investing and real estate.

One of the most essential life lessons your kids will learn from playing monopoly is understanding the value of money and everything it entails. They will learn the basic fundamentals of finance, the basic principles of investing and the basic practices of real estate, which will help them later in life. After a game of Monopoly, your kids will learn why it’s important to have cash on hand. Your kids will soon realize that the last player standing with the most money wins.

Of course, there’s more to monopoly than teaching your kids how to be patient, how to strategize and how to handle money. Playing Monopoly promotes family fun with memories that will last a lifetime. Just one game of Monopoly with your kids makes everyone in your family a winner. 

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