A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach

There is an unspoken rivalry between residents in Los Angeles County and Orange County. L.A. County residents often brag about their beaches and claim that their shorelines are the stuff of Hollywood. Shows like Baywatch serve as their example. We Orange County residents chuckle to ourselves and say nothing.


For those of us who live in Orange County, we know that we have the best beaches and we don’t feel the need to brag about it. The superiority of Orange County beaches isn’t the real issue. The real issue is that so few of us take the time to get acquainted with the scenic wonder and rich marine life within our midst.


The tide pools of Little Corona del Mar is unquestionably one of the best kept secrets in Newport Beach. It stands apart from all the other beaches along the Newport Coast shorelines because it’s surrounded by reefs. Little Corona also boasts a blend of sandy and rocky shores.


It’s prime position protects it from waves, making it an ideal spot for small children. Along the sandy shores, your kids can play out in the water without getting knocked down by a big wave. Along the rocky shore, your kids can explore the nearby tide pools and observe sea creatures in their natural habitat.


You and your kids will probably stumble upon a hermit crab. There are plenty of those lurking beneath the jagged rocks. If you’re lucky, you may even come across a star fish. With any luck, the unobstructed view of Catalina may be the backdrop to creating everlasting memories with your children.


How To Get To Little Corona


The elusive Little Corona beach isn’t that hard to find. Little Corona is right off Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. From PCH, make a right turn on Poppy and make another right when you get to Ocean. Just follow the downward-sloping hill to the beach.


Safety Tips


Please use caution when walking along the rocks. Be sure to wear the appropriate footwear because the rocks can be pretty sharp. The rocks can also be very slippery when the tides move in.

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